At Healthy Smiles, our mission is to promote dental care for children through outreach, education and free screenings for all children, as well as free dental care clinics for those who qualify. Our children’s dental care program covers school-age children in grades K4 – 12 in Spartanburg County, including those who are home schooled.

Parents receive assessments on their child’s oral health conducted by dental professionals at school-based screenings or health fairs. Screenings occur during grades K4, K5, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10. Once the assessment has been made, parents can ask the school nurse to refer their child to Healthy Smiles or call us directly. Local dentists can also refer children to our free dental clinic.

To be eligible for free dental care, a child must be aged 4-18, live in Spartanburg County and qualify for a free or reduced-cost school lunch program, whether attending a public, private or home school. In addition, they cannot have private dental insurance or Medicaid.

Free dental care clinics are held on designated Fridays and Saturdays in our children’s dental clinic located on the central campus of Spartanburg Community College. Click on Events to see our schedule of upcoming free dental clinics.

A collaboration of professionals representing dental health, public health, county school systems, nonprofit organizations, parents and caregivers, government agencies, and physicians and other health providers, Healthy Smiles also:

  • Distributes toothbrushes and children’s dental care information.
  • Provides training and instruction on topics relating to dental care for children for educators and healthcare providers.
  • Offers guest speakers to address children’s dental care to civic organizations, parent/teacher associations and other groups.
  • Collaborates with other health-oriented organizations on dental care for children.
  • Helps to create children’s dental care educational opportunities and prevention strategies for healthcare partners, schools and other groups.